Environmental Remediation and In-situ

Our Service

Brevcon’s mission is to responsibly facilitate redevelopment of property that is blighted and underused due to environmental issues. We will work with our stakeholders and use proven and proprietary methods to cost effectively solve environmental problems through safe implementation of chemical conditioning, testing, and heavy construction.

Brevcon is experienced in both environmental remediation and civil foundation construction. Our experience forms a marriage between disciplines, and we provide value-added interactive approaches. We communicate and work with stakeholders including owners, engineers, contractors, and regulatory authorities to preplan, plan, and successfully implement environmentally- and fiscally responsible outcomes.

Brevcon’s partners have successfully completed remediation at literally 100’s of sites that enabled redevelopment to occur. We have civil construction experience with mass and site grading, underground utility installation, and concrete placement throughout the Midwest. Whether you require specific remedial implementation or a turnkey approach to foundation development for your construction project, please consider Brevcon.

Most of our projects are due to existing relationships and successful experience. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to contact our references directly.

Our Team


Our goal is for all workers and team members to get home safely without accident each and every day. We accomplish this goal by constantly assessing our process and operations to identify the safest mode and situation to accomplish each task. Our staff constantly raises the internal safety questions (Is the work area safe? Do I have the right tool(s)? What process do I follow to ensure to correct results?)

We generate a Site Specific Health and Safety Plan prior to starting every project. The Safety Plan contains information on each known chemical and contaminant, proper method(s) for monitoring and protection of all routes of possible exposure, along with emergency routes and contact information. We prioritize engineering controls to safely address potential exposure routes. In addition, we maintain a fleet of real-time monitoring equipment for volatile gases, dust and particulates, and soil/water parameters. Safety is integral to all team members and actions.


Brevcon will provide an experienced leader to manage each project safely and efficiently. The leader is generally your first contact to help determine project goals and price. We want to work with you to produce the safest and most cost-effective plan to meet your site specific goals. Brevcon devotes ample time to preplanning and planning the project operations. The leader will remain with the project through completion, and will be the onsite manager to ensure efficient service delivery.

Ron Evenson

Ron started his construction experience while in high school and college as a laborer for swimming pool construction company in South Louisiana. The hard physical labor with…


We use a core team of experienced operators, laborers, technicians to implement effective operations to safely complete your project. Our staff maintains current Hazwoper, OSHA, CPR, and first aid training. We conduct annual medical monitoring, exposure assessments, and site specific health monitoring. We also have long-term relationships and partners for onsite analytical laboratory services, chemical supply, transportation, and disposal facilities.


We maintain access to a late model fleet of heavy equipment including excavators, loaders, dozers, compactors, and specialty equipment used to condition soil, handle soil, water, and other materials. We have made modifications to improve our mixing efficiency. Equipment is cleaned prior to mobilizing onsite, and also safely decontaminated and demobilized after work is complete.


  • Park District of Forest Park, 2015

    A commonly used cleaning solvent, Tetrachloroethylene known and PCE or perc was contained in soil onsite from past manufacturing operations at this location. The property located along the Eisenhower Interstate between Park District facilities and fields and the Ferrara Candy Company was vacant and could not be used for any

  • Chicago Road Project, 2015

    A portion of a new route for Elston Avenue along with the revised intersection at Damen and Fullerton Avenues went through an old scrap yard near the iconic Vienna Beef Plant. Soil samples documented hazardous levels of lead in the soil and debris; expected transport and disposal prices of soil